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Docs & Specs
Temperature Transmitter
YTA310, YTA320

The YTA310 and YTA320 are the highly accurate temperature transmitters that accept Thermocouple, RTD, ohms or DC milivolts inputs and converts it to a 4 to 20 mA DC signal for transmission. The YTA310 is a single sensor input model, and the YTA320 is a dual input model. Both models support either BRAIN or HART® communication protocol, and YTA320 also supports FOUNDATION fieldbusTM.
The YTA310/320 in their standard configuration, with the exception of the Fieldbus type, are certified by TU¨ V as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement. For the specifications of Fieldbus communication type marked with “”, refer to GS 01C50T02-00EN.
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